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Kuroshitsuji + Kimi Ni Todoke + KHR's Rokudo Mukuro 
23rd-Apr-2011 07:16 pm
Ciaossu, everyone! This has been a very interesting week. I already have  two more manga series to read, then I have to read Death Note 'cause although I've already watched the anime (Miyano Mamoruuu...), I have to read the manga...


You know how when you have days off you get up late? Well, I spent my week getting up early to watch it on TV (I'm a weirdo who loooves watching things on TV, haha.) Thing is, I've become obsessed with it, and even when I started to know about the story and saw people paired Sebby and Ciel, which at the time it struck me as sort of inappropiate, but now I like them *cries in defeat*, one of the reasons I love them is because in my opinion, the bond they have is so particular you really can't name it... aahhh, then there's this scene from chapter 4: 

Credit to Hearii

I think the first one's from a doujin (and I'd love to see it colored xD), and I don't know whose the second one (if you know, tell me xD) but I love it 'cause Ciel's the one being clingy and finally letting all those feelings out with the only person he'd be willing to do it with...

Kimi Ni Todoke

This is honeybear15's fault, hehe. I'm having so much fun reading this. It's my second shojo, but it's such a breath of fresh air from other mangas I've read and I'm falling even deeper with the japanese culture (I love it how it is a big deal to call someone by their first name, especially the person you like and stuff...), and I want a Kazehaya-kun in my life!! there, I said it, haha. And Sawako's such an amazing girl (I love the faces she makes xD) 

I love how it's about him though unaware, makes her want to be better every day and this manga is one of the cuttest things I've read in a while (though one has to deal with eyesores like Kurumi who looks like Sara Shirabuki's [VK] daughter, no offense to Sara intended xD)

So, thanks for introducing me to it, Brittany! =)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

So, I was reading this week's KHR which was all about Mukuro's and Daemon's fight. Seeing Fran made me go: AAAHHHHH (and here I thought I was gonna see present time Fran, show him to me, Amano-sensei, make me even happier xD), but it was nice to see him again, he's awesome. But I noticed something about Mukuro:


I spent the whole freaking chapter thinking: this guy's really hot and I wondered: had I overlooked him? Was I too blind? Or is it someone's influence? And then it hit me: reddo27  has made me a Mukuro fangirl!!! But there's nothing wrong with that, any guy who can use illusions is a yes on my list.

But I'm gonna stop slacking off and finally do my grammar homework. 

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25th-Apr-2011 12:46 am (UTC)
He is, isn't he?! I want to find a guy like him, he's so cute! xD
Yeaahh, I've heard, but it's pretty interesting and I think I can handle it xD
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