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Vampire Knight 71 | The New Night Class 
7th-May-2011 02:19 pm
Well, well. It's finally here, thanks to IEatManga and Mousou Scans

First of all, the cover. Aaahh, Zerorin looking as fine as always. Random thought: sometimes I can't help to relate him to Ichimaru Gin (Bleach), it's like he could be his son, or something, haha  /ends randomness.

Anyway, we had Zero, lots of Zero (this fangirl does not complain)


Sayori's daughter of Councilor Wakaba, who seems to be aware of the whole vampire situation, mmhh... it might be a foreshadowing of her being more important to the plot later on, or maybe not xD

About the night class... I don't know where to stand on that one, even when Kaname was the head of the Moon Dorm, it was (and still is) too one-sided, 'cause humans don't know who they are, so it's not like they are fully aware and coexisting with each other. However, it does help to keep some vampires in line like the ones who don't really care about humans, but do it to obey the purebloods, or as I think in this case, to jump in or something when Yuuki does a mistake.

So, it's becoming so blatant that Yuuki's not much of a pureblood, I mean, the elegance, the class and all that stuff... she really is that free spirited girl we saw at the beginning of the manga... and as Rima said, she doesn't have much charisma. I actually thought more people were going to help her given that she didn't intend it to go as an order, but a request. I guess vampires like to be boss around...? Hehe, no, I don't think it's that. I think that even when she's a Kuran, she hasn't earned their respect and loyalty like Kaname has...

Ok, so I might have been a bit wrong about Yuuki. She does want to keep Zero away from vampires for his own good and fear that he might fall to a level E. She actually thought it was his craving for her blood that had him in that state ('cause it's obvious tablets wouldn't do the trick forever), but she dismisses it thinking he's over it. Wrong! Again... what's interesting is that she's also feeling thirsty, so who's up for an exchange of blood? Haha (Though, if it were up to me, Zero would go to Maria any time...)

Kaname... oh, Kaname, what do you mean "whatever it was is no longer there"? So he is on a crusade to get rid of all the purebloods. Theory time: He may be getting rid of them 'cause you know how they toy with people, and that's the exact opposite to what the Hooded Woman wanted. So in the end, he will also kill himself? Though he would have to kill Yuuki as well (or have Zero kill her. God, why do I blow things out of proportion? Haha), or he will realize he still has a chance at life with Yuuki. Who knows...

Coming back to Yuuki *sigh* I understand she needs to know for herselff why Kaname did what he did, but she knows what happened both times Kaname left the vampires alone, she's willing to risk it? Or she's thinking "the rest of the vampires and hunters can handle it? *sigh* anyway. Theory time: Yuuki will leave to look for Kaname and guess who's going to get her hands on that throneee~? Yep! Sara-sama. I know she's evil, but I can't help to love her! She's amazing!

So, another thing that caught my eye (the ZeroxMaria fan in me did, actually), was this:

She might be (or rather is, grammatically one can interpret that phrase to one's convenience xD) special to Zero... (squeals!)

And the preview (that Zero drawing that makes me drool) and yes, yes, yes, I see that as a sort of confirmation that Sara will be attending (I so hope she doeeees)

PD: Sorry if you see any typos around. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! =)
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7th-May-2011 09:38 pm (UTC)
I knoooow!!! I read it a lot of times to be sure I was reading right, haha.

I don't usually read those pages, but it called my attention that it was some sort of Kaito's investigation of members of the night class regarding Zero, and then: voilà! I so hope this is a foreshadowing of her becoming someone especial for him (whether romantic or not) and viceversa 'cause if there's someone who needs support in this series is Zero =)

How did you like the chapter?

PD: OMG! That icon!!
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8th-May-2011 02:04 pm (UTC)
Sara's going to stir things up! I already want to see what she does. I'm dying for even a small Maria&Zero scene next chapter, especially 'cause they're all out and about hunting together, hehe *crosses fingers*

Damn Zero and his poker face! Haha, but I guess that's his best defense. Aaaww, Zero needs some loveee! ^^

I know! Now I'm excited again, haha xD
8th-May-2011 06:50 am (UTC)
OMG your icon!!!! ^^ it's so awesome!

I never considered Maria and Zero in the beginning of the series but hey, now that I think about it, I really really hope *fingers crossed* that this could lead to something between the two of them. Yuuki... Kaname can have her.
8th-May-2011 02:28 pm (UTC)
Yuuki... Kaname can have her.

I couldn't have said it better xD

I think Maria and Zero could be a nice pairing, whether romantic or not, I think she could bring the support he so much needs. I know he has Kaito, but he's a bit rough sometimes xD, I love Kaito, btw xD
7th-May-2011 11:32 pm (UTC)
Zero!!!!! <3 Gah, there has not been enough of him lately! I was pleasantly surprised to see him and Yuuki actually communicating- there had been a lot of cold shoulder going on. She's nuts if she thinks he's over everything. I want them to go back to the way they were before!!! T.T (It's gonna be so weird having Yuuki in the Night Class now...)

If Kaname's plan is to take out all the purebloods, I don't understand why he's only just starting to put everything into action now. I mean, it's been pretty obvious that he's been plotting something for forever (part of the reason I don't like him is because I've NEVER TRUSTED HIM!). Would he kill Yuuki? Zero wouldn't let him...
8th-May-2011 02:21 pm (UTC)
You're right. I was glad to see him some more in this chapter. Though, God, you can see in his face that the guy's going through a lot of confussion and pain! (my poor Zerorin). It would be amazing if they could go back to how they were, but she'll be soon leaving to look for Kaname =/ aaahh, I know, I can only think what Zero felt when he saw her wearing that uniform =(

I understand Kaname as much as I understand Yuuki (which is little), but that's also my question: why now? I frankly don't think he's doing something bad, since I don't see Hino Matsuri making him the bad guy, she likes the guy too much. Regarding killing Yuuki, I don't know if he would do it, but if he's doing it for the Hooded Woman, he just might, since at least to me, it's pretty obvious he loved her more than he loves Yuuki. And I agree, Zero wouldn't let him ^^
We'll just have to wait to see what happens =)
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