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10th-Apr-2011 09:58 am - [fic] Your Dry Blood On My Fingertips

Fandom: Vampire Knight
Pairing: Kiryuu Zero and Kuran (Cross) Yuuki
Rating: T (for blood and biting)
Timeline: Post chapter 68
Word count: 1,908
Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Knight
Summary: It's an agreement, he convices himself closing his eyes thinking how his blood's mixing with hers, because when she's finished, he will take his share as well. It's fair, it's necessary, it's cruel...
Author's Note: My first VK fic. I was re-reading some chapters and it called my attention how in spite of being mad at the whole situation, Zero didn't move away when Yuuki was about to drink his blood after being injured in the graveyard, so I thought about writing something based on that now that she's at the Association.
The name is from the song Wires by Athlete

He’s on guard duty and he’s thirsty. It’s never been a good combination for him, especially with the prisoner he’s been assigned to guard.

He ruffles inside his pocket to find the small box containing his only source of mild relief. She stares at him with firm attention and swallows thickly as he sees the pills get lost inside his mouth.

He stares at her indifferently. The box plays between his fingers. He gets up and hands it to her. “You haven’t eaten anything since you got here. It’s not good if you die on us” she gazes at him for a moment, then the box, then back to him. She decides to shake her head; he doesn’t insist and goes back to his place.

“You’ve become tolerable to them” she points out. His eyes are directed to the door. He’s as impassive as he’s ever seen him, “that’s good” her hands intertwine one with the other over her lap where her eyes settle.

An uncomfortable silence falls upon them. She wants to feel the way they did before, for her to be able to call him ‘friend’, for him to be amusingly annoyed over her clumsiness, but those are nothing but petty dreams. “I’m starving” she admits minutes later. He looks at her, “but even if I swallowed down all those pills, that wouldn’t be enough” He knows how that feels like, he’s felt it many times before, but he can’t give in, not anymore.

 Their eyes finally meet. There’s an indescribable hunger and longing in her stare, “you told me once that my blood was the only one you wanted…” she says, he does his best at maintaining his expression neutral, but doesn’t add anything.

She gets up swiftly and approaches him. A lethargic feeling invades his body which makes it difficult to move. She kneels before him carefully. She removes the strands of hair that rest on her right shoulder and moves nearer, letting his mouth come within her neck’s reach.

“I don’t need your pity” he says lowly, but not flinching. She’s ready for that answer.

“It’s not pity. I’ll give you my blood if you give me yours” she looks at him knowing her words are sinking in. She can bare it a bit longer, she was taught to do so when Kaname went away for long periods of times, but he knew Zero and even with his newfound tolerance towards the pills, they would never satiate his hunger completely.

“Now you’re acting like a strategist” his tone is bitter, but she smiles. “But it’s not a fair deal. My blood is to you what the tablets are to me” she stares at him deeply.

“That’s not true. Zero’s blood is better than tablets”

A better replacement…

His gaze is cold, but she simply smiles. It’s not the same smile. He’s angry at both himself and at the whole situation. He thought he had made peace with the monster inside him, but now he’s falling down a well too deep to get out of easily.

It becomes a habit.

The invigorating sensation of her blood going down his throat always leaves him aching and craving for more. It’s like pure water after countless hours of walking down the brutal desert sun.

It’s cruel, he thinks as she buries her fangs on his neck. It’s cruel to both him and her.

The sharpness of her teeth and the desperation that invades her as she gulps his blood without restraint remind him that he’s just an alternate of the real blood that quenches her thirst.

Her nails are marking their territory on his arms, while his right hand holds her small frame tightly.

It’s an agreement, he convinces himself closing his eyes thinking how his blood’s mixing with hers, because when she’s finished, he will take his share as well. It’s fair, it’s necessary, it’s cruel…

He feels his collar soaked with his blood the moment her mouth leaves his neck. The back of her hand goes quickly over the corners of her mouth that are drenched with his blood. That’s her way of cleansing the obscenity she’s just made.

“I’m sorry” she says lowering her gaze. He looks down at her blankly as he frees her from his grip.

Her hands take the strands of hair covering her neck. She offers him his medicine, his source of life. He hesitates trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need this. However, her throbbing pulse is so inviting that he finds himself hovering over her shoulder blade faster than expected. He examines her neck where bite marks would’ve rested had she been human. Back then, he hated seeing her having to hide the proof of his uncontrollable hunger, but now it makes him melancholic. He places a soft kiss that goes unnoticed over imaginary scars before licking her smooth skin.

He can only imagine what she’s thinking as he hears her gasp at the insertion of his fangs deep in her skin. Her anxiety is nothing compare to his, after all, she’s tasted the blood that fully satisfies her for the last year, while he’s settled for something worse than a substitute: hard and unpleasant tablets.

He leaves her neck panting and wavers before falling on his bed, his face hitting the soft pillow. There are some dry drops of blood on his right hand.

When he puts himself together, he looks up at her. Her unwavering gaze is piercing him and as if merging their blood had formed a connection between them, he knows for sure what she’s thinking. It is a sin, from any perspective, but it is essential.

He holds his neck feeling that he’s choking. For a moment, he thinks her blood might be intoxicated, but then he realizes it’s her scrutinize that has him suffocating.

He recovers as he always does and gives her a dark glance. Her eyes are firm, never looking away. She wants to forget her sin by piling layers of excuses over it, the most predominant being that of their holding to their sanity.

Gazing into her eyes tires him; the sensation of all the doors being closed increases.

“Zero” she calls out, not as feebly as she used to when they were back at the Academy. She’s a pureblood after all, and her tone elicits a scoff from him, but he doesn’t move an inch; he rests on top of his bed, exhausted. He just wants to sleep. “I’ll be back tomorrow” she says almost in a whisper.

He grips the sheets tightly, his eyelids feel heavy and he finally gives in. He doesn’t want her to come back, but he needs her to.  

She closes the door delicately, as if making a minimal amount of sound would appease his exhaustion. As on cue, once the light leaves the threshold, a delicate hand digs deep in his hair, smoothly disheveling it. Memories of his mother entering his room in the middle of the night knowing she would find both her sons resting peacefully invade his mind.

“Zero” her sweet, low voice near his ear sends a slight electric shock down his body. Unwillingly, he imagines that’s the way her blood would feel in his system.

He forces himself to open his eyes. Her hand travels gently down his cheek as she smiles kindly. He’s drowning in pure violet. “What are you thinking?” she asks with genuine curiosity.

It’s been five years. Five years in which he’s bottled everything up, five years in which he’s had to convince everyone – and himself – that he’s not struggling to hold onto the last remnants of his sanity. He’s learned that quietness and effectiveness brings him a borrowed peace, so he hasn’t said anything, but as this woman is demanding such a simple question of him, he can’t help but tell her the truth.

“If I had perished with her, we would’ve saved ourselves all this regret.” It disgusts him, thinking that Shizuka might have been his last opportunity for a way out. Her smile widens, but remains soft.

“And that would’ve been the end of it, is that it?” she looks away from him, her eyes fixed on the ceiling; the hood over her head doesn’t allow him to see her full features. “But you have a reason to live, don’t you?” her eyes find his numb figure again. He doesn’t hold her gaze, “you remind me of myself” he frowns slightly.

“No, I don’t” he answers defiantly.

“You don’t want to be a play thing for purebloods, do you? Neither you nor any human” her eyes meet his and she gets a satisfying answer. “That’s not what I want for you, any of you” the sincerity in her voice is one he hasn’t heard in a while “Zero, who’s become a monster, Zero, who’s lost everything, Zero who always stands back up” she hovers over him and leaves a light kiss on his temple. Her soft lips are a contrast to sharp, hard fangs. She whispers something inaudible and then she’s gone.

Kuran Yuuki resembles more a scared, little princess than a fearsome pureblood. He’s found comfort on that thought many times over, even when her mere presence forces him to register nothing but her true nature.

She’s standing outside the building, past the steps while his feet are standing firmly near the entrance. There’s a barrier, none of them sees it, but they know it’s there.

The look in her eyes goes from afraid to determined in a heartbeat. He’s wearing that sober mask that’s desperate to convey that nothing gets through. She believes it because it’s easier, it hurts less.

“I have to go to him” she says with a frail tone that differs from her gaze. “I have to…” he turns to his side, his profile facing her.

“That’s how it’ll always be, won’t it?” he asks with a smirk on his face, it worries her. “I desired it so much, your blood, that I didn’t even take a moment to reflect on what I was doing” he draws out the Bloody Rose pointing the right angle, “I could do it, here and now, but I’m just a dog following orders so I can’t kill you” her eyes never leave his sight. “But it’s just a matter of time before you’re at the top of our execution lists” she nods with a faint smile on her lips. It annoys him. “You’re ok with that, aren’t you?” he looks at her, “Goodbye, Kuran Yuuki. This is the last time” he turns around and enters deep into the building, that woman’s presence invading his senses and then he remembers:

You remind me of myself; even though I was born like this, I always felt like a human turned vampire, and just like me, you haven’t forgotten those frail and defenseless lives, you don’t just idly keep watching… I’ll never leave you; hence you must not bend before anything.

He looks down at his hands, there’s a faint shade of red tinting them, but it will be washed away in due time.

He makes a promise that night, a promise to Ichiru, his parents, the hooded woman that hunts him every night and himself: He would never fall again into the claws of a pureblood. He would live as long as he had to in order for the world to be free from purebloods and their games.

A/N: It may seem weird that I included the Hooded Woman here, but I like to include my theories in the fics I write and though they're not identical, I do believe that Zero somewhat resembles her, so my theory's that Zero's her descendant, given that she had human family... and seeing how Rido somehow hasn't let go and completely disappeared, she could've also held onto her last living descendant (especially one that also wants to protect humans, and given the current situation with vampires attacking humans...), but it's also a lot of crack from my behalf and trying to make them related xD

3rd-Apr-2011 03:58 pm - [fic] Everlasting | Chapter 4
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach
Warnings: Let the crack begin (?)
Summary: For each time Kurosaki Ichigo's soul was reborn, he loved Inoue Orihime...
Author's Note: Ok, this is when I get really cracky. This is based in (I think) one of the most famous IchiHime theories, and though it seems highly improbable as time goes by, I love it and once my sister suggested that this part of the poem fit them, so here it is. Also, I got really cracky and involved one of our beloved Gotei 13 captains, but that was born out of my theories regarding him. You'll understand when you read it xD, I really hope you like it! =)

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3

The fourth, with no direction

Shiba Kaien was a loud, loud kid. He was always laughing, always moving. Kuchiki Miyako, as a good Kuchiki, was reserved and quiet, but when with Kaien, the two kids were unstoppable. He opened a door full of opportunities for her and she wasn’t afraid to step in. To his mother, it was an incredible sight. She knew Miyako was the light of Soujun’s life, but her dad was busy enough as it was trying his best to become the next head of the Kuchiki family to pay much attention to his daughter, and everyone knew how demanding Kuchiki Ginrei could be. She sighed heavily praying her husband wouldn’t be so hard on their hyperactive son.

“Not fair!” she heard Miyalo say to an excited Kaien holding a big, bright ball of spiritual pressure on his hand.

“Kaien” his mother called out. “It is time for Miyako to go back home” the spiky haired boy beamed at the girl.

“It is fair” he said, making the ball disappear “You just have to train harder. How about I teach you next time?” she smiled.

“You better”

“My dad gave me the talk yesterday” a seven year old Kaien told a same year old Miyako while lying on the grass of Mt. Kouifushi after being defeated at recognizing the shapes of clouds. Turns out Miyako’s imagination had exceeded his expectations.

The talk?” she asked confused

“Yeah, the one about being head of the family and stuff. He’s been going on about that since as long as I can remember” she looked at him, he was clearly annoyed. “Haven’t your parents given you that talk?”

“No” she answered, her sight focused on the sky again. “I’m a girl so I don’t get to be head of my family, you know. Byakuya’s the one to receive all those talks”

“How’s your mom doing?” he asked, rolling to the side to get a better look at her.

“She’s recovering and she’s happy. Byakuya’s the cutest baby ever” she said with a contagious smile.

“I’d like to have a kid brother” he said falling on his back again. She smiled at him.

“Ask your parents one” he laughed. They remained silent for a moment looking at the sky. “Oh!” she said making him look at her “I brought you something” she shifted to a sitting position and searched for something among the things she had brought. “Here” she handed him an anpan, his face looked funny at the sight of it.

“Umm… I’m not really hungry, thanks!” he knew this time he wasn’t going to be able to keep the red bean paste down.

“It doesn’t have red bean paste in it” she said rolling her eyes as he took it. She looked mad.

“I’m sorry” he said with what he believed were puppy eyes. They always worked with his mother; they had to work with her. She smiled and he declared victory to himself. But she really had the weirdest taste buds ever, which she tried to force on him, which was never going to happen.

A thirteen year old Kaien found himself with the feeling that he had gone through the entire Kuchiki manor, when the member of the staff told him they had already reached their destination.

“Thanks so much” he told the man who took his leave after giving him a small bow “there you are!” he told Miyako who beamed at him “hey, kiddo” he said to Byakuya, his left hand reaching for his head, but the six year old masterfully dodged it.

“Good afternoon, Shiba Kaien” he said coldly as he stood up. Byakuya had never liked the guy who spent every moment he could with his sister “I shall take my leave to give you some privacy” he said bowing and leaving the room. Kaien started laughing.

“Don’t make fun of him!” said Miyako pinching him. He sat down next to her.

“It’s just… honestly, what do they feed you guys with?” she looked at him erasing his smile at once.

“He’s a kid, but he already knows what his role in this family will be; that’s a lot of pressure falling on his shoulders. He still doesn’t understand it completely, but he’s trying to make the best of it, please, don’t mock him!” he looked at her fascinated. That was one of the things he lov… he liked about Miyako, she was extremely kind and loved her family.

“I’m sorry” he said ashamed. She smiled.

“It’s ok”

“So, I haven’t heard from you in days. How’s your dad doing?”

“He’s feeling much better. He just has to stay in bed for a couple more days”

“I guess that’s not doing well with your grandpa.” Kaien pointed out wanting to take his words back the moment he said them for they caused her to look sad.

“No” she looked at her lap. It was no secret that Kuchiki Soujun, the man destined to be the 28th head of the Kuchiki family was very weak and not really suitable for battle. Miyako knew her jii-sama had changed his strategy and had started to prepare little Byakuya to take his father’s place. She couldn’t help feel bad for both her father and brother.

“Hey, don’t get sad!” Kaien said making her come back to reality. “You guys will work everything out. I’m sure of it” she smiled at him.

“You’re right… yeah, you’re right” she said cheering herself up.

“So, why have you been hiding from me?” he asked a little hurt. Kaien and Miyako spent every afternoon together, training or talking on Mt. Kouifushi for as long as he could remember, but it had been over a month she hadn’t showed up.

“I haven’t been hiding from you. I’ve been helping my mom and Byakuya with some things and I’ve been studying a lot”

“Studying? For what?”

“The entrance exam!” She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Kaien beamed at her.

“Oh, that” he said as if it was nothing.

“I know a genius like you doesn’t need to do much studying, but I have to make an extra effort” she explained

“I’m not a genius! And what are you talking about? You’re very bright” that comment made her blush a little.

“Not as bright as you are. Besides I want to be in the advanced class”

“Oh” he said as understanding dawned on him “every single Kuchiki has made it to the advanced class, right?” her cheeks turned brighter.

“It’s not just that” she said timidly. “You’re going straight to the advanced class and I don’t want to be left behind, I don’t want to…” be separated from you

“Hey” he said, his hand on hers which made her cheeks even redder if that was possible. “Your jii-sama has taught you a lot of things and we’ve learned a lot together throughout the years, haven’t we? Besides, you’ve been studying a whole month, so you’re a safe lock for the advanced class, my little bookworm.”

After two long hours of hard training under the hot sun, a fifteen year old Kaien fell on his back, over the grass of Mt. Kouifushi, Miyako sitting next to him and handing him some water.

“Exhausted already?” she asked teasingly.

“What are you talking about?! I let you win the last time” she laughed. He smiled. He loved to hear her laughter, especially when he felt he could stay like that forever, over that grass, under that sun, the wind on his face and her by his side. He closed his eyes. That was perfect.

“So, what are your offers?” she asked making him open his eyes and come back to reality.

“Every squad” he answered, a smile was brought to her lips. He was unbelievably successful and she was happy for him “can you believe even your jii-sama offered me a seated position in the sixth squad. What do you think? You think he already considers me a part of the family?” they both laughed. She came close to him and kissed him deeply “Wow! Where did that come from?” she shrugged.

“I’m really happy for you” she said, her fingers going through his already messy hair.

“And I’m happy for you” he said sitting next to her “what are your options?”

“Everyone but the first, second, eleventh and twelfth”

“Kenpachi doesn’t want you? Why? You’re so suited for the eleventh. You just kicked the crap out of me” she pinched him.

“So you admit it, huh?”

“Of course” he said kissing her again.

“Where are you going then?” she asked once they broke apart.

“Anywhere but the first, second, eleventh and twelfth” she laughed

“Though, I appreciate that very much, I’m serious: where are you going?” he sighed. He knew it was a serious matter, but he didn’t want to think about anything serious yet, life was going to be filled with enough serious stuff as they grew older.

“Ukitake taichou personally asked me to join his squad. He wants me to be his fukutaichou” her eyes widened.

“That’s great! Has anyone else offered you being their fukutaichou?”

“No, my dad didn’t offer it” he said knowing the real question. “Besides, I’ve never liked the tenth and I don’t want my father to be my captain, it’s already enough for him to want to boss me around at home, imagine at work. No, a complete no”

“Won’t he be mad?” Kaien remained silent for a moment, and then he sighed.

“I suppose, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Look, I finished the academy in two years without his help even when he offered it. And all these offers, I earned them, so I think it’s fair if I decide what I’m going to do from here. I’m going to be head of the family, because I love them, but he can’t force me to do anything pass that” Miyako was looking at him; her eyes had grown very big. “I’m sorry, there went the ranting of the day” she smiled gently and kissed him. “What about you?” he asked “are you going to the sixth?”

“I have no idea. I’d like to be a fukutaichou, I know I can be a fukutaichou and in the sixth, that seat is reserved for Byakuya… it’s nothing against him though… he’s always training hard, I know he’ll be the best head of the family the Kuchiki House has seen and an amazing fukutaichou and eventual taichou, but… I’d feel a bit left out…” her head laid low for a moment. “I’m a horrible person, aren’t I?” Kaien laughed, placing an arm around her and bringing her close.

“No, you’re not” he said with a big smile “there’s no way you could be. Besides, I’d totally understand if you spoke badly of that kid. He should learn to mind his own business”

“What are you talking about?” She asked a bit confused.

“Have you already forgotten about the week they’ve prohibited me the entrance to the Kuchiki manor because that brat saw us kissing and first thing he did was to go and tell your jii-sama; he didn’t even tell your dad, he had to tell Kuchiki Ginrei of all people” she laughed.

“He’s a kid; he’s just jealous” she said, being the kind person he was.

“Well, he better be” she smiled, he then kissed her temple. “You’re the most beautiful person in the world to me, never forget that.”

“Now is when I really wished I had joined the sixth” a twenty-one year old and very frustrated Shiba Kaien enunciated. The fall of a noble family wasn’t a pretty sight… at all, especially in the conditions it all had happened.

Five years after Kaien had joined the thirteenth division, the tenth division had been sent out on a mission, something regarding the shinigami that had acquired hollow abilities some years ago. Help had been required from the sixth division; something along the lines of the strength of the Kuchiki is much needed. And that was how after a whole life of trying to prove himself worthy, Kuchiki Soujun had fallen in the mission. Allegedly because of a bad decision taken by the captain of the tenth division, which caused half of the men involved to die as well. That had been what every shinigami that had managed to come back had said.

No one had known a thing of the Tenth Division captain since then. The most powerful of the Noble Houses had lost a member, and someone had to pay for that and the only ones who had been there to take the fault had been his family.

Properties, land, money… almost everything had been taken away from the Shiba family. Kaien’s mother hadn’t been able to take it and had died of illness months after his father’s disappearance. However, Kukaku and Kaien Shiba were people of resources, and they were doing their best to support themselves and their little brother, Ganju. It was of much help that one of their uncles had been called to serve in the Royal Guard and had left them a small fortune.

“What for?” asked Kukaku a bit upset. The thought of his brother in the Kuchiki division made her sick “To be the slave of the Kuchiki? Look, we’ve managed and we’ll manage, we don’t need the Kuchiki”

“I need a Kuchiki” he said frustrated. It had been a year since he had last seen her. He wasn’t even able to pay his respects, to be with her when news about her father had reached. He figured it had been difficult for her, the death of her mother so recent. “I don’t care about the Kuchiki or anything they stand for, but if I were in the sixth division I’d be closer to her”

“So they still haven’t let her show up, even when she’s the third seat of the thirteenth” his sister said trying to sound understanding. His eyes became stuck to the ground. “Become a fukutaichou” she said firmly, “if you become a fukutaichou, you’ll be closer to the nobility. It would be practically impossible for them to say ‘no’ if you asked her hand in marriage.”

“Oh, it would be very possible, sure, I would say, for them to say ‘no’ to a Shiba.”

“I don’t know what happened” she said on the verge of tears the moment she came back to the division. “All I know is that whoever was responsible, it was neither you nor your family.” Kaien was bewildered. He felt like hitting his head repeatedly for ever thinking she could hold them responsible.

“I’m sorry” he said, his eyes starting to sting. “I’m sorry for the death of your dad. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there when you needed it the most” she shook her head.

“That doesn’t matter, it’s fine, I understand.” His eyes became teary, and all he could do was kissing her.

“I wanna marry you” her eyes covered the most part of her face, Kaien felt like laughing “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

He decided to take the fact that Kuchiki Ginrei had accepted to see him as a good sign. That day, when it mattered the most, he decided he was going to be as positive as he could be. His hands were sweating, he could feel his heart pumping faster than usual, hurting him. A hand intertwined with his. Then he registered a smile from the most beautiful woman in the world.

“I just want you to know that this meeting doesn’t matter at all. I have my mind set. I love you and I will marry you” he smiled a worried smile; he didn’t want that for her, he didn’t want to push her away from her family, from everything she ever knew. She probably saw right through him, because she approached him and gave him a light kiss on the lips “everything will be ok” she whispered.

“I cannot have my granddaughter marry the member of a fallen noble family, especially not to a Shiba. I do not care if you’re a captain or a lieutenant. No member of the Kuchiki family will ever marry a Shiba” Kuchiki Ginrei had said firmly. His eyes fixed on Kaien, his stance unbreakable.

“Can you please stop bringing your family and mine up? That’s not what it matters here. What matters is that I love Miyako and I would never do anything to hurt her. I’d never…”

“It wasn’t long ago, boy, that you were member of one of the Noble Houses. Your father never taught you what that meant? He never taught you we’re here to set up an example? Never taught you that…?”

“He probably did, Kuchiki-taichou” said Kaien exasperated. “I just wasn’t paying attention ‘cause I never cared about all that. And I couldn’t care less now. I don’t want to be part of your family and this is not some kind of revenge on you. I’m in love with your granddaughter. I have been since… probably forever. I’m just asking for…”

“Shiba Kaien” said the kid who had been standing by his grandfather the whole time, his tone colder than ever. He was around fourteen now, but trying to look much older, fukutaichou badge on his right arm. “You should stop dragging this conversation any further. Nothing you say has the ability to change our position on this matter” he spoke slowly, but firmly, more firmly a kid his age should speak.

“If that’s how it is, then… I’ll pack my bags immediately” the three men turned their heads to the raven haired girl who had spoken nearly as firmly as her brother.

“What are you talking about Miyako?” asked Kaien afraid of where this was going.

“I love my family” she said more to him than to her relatives “and I would never want to see them suffering, they’ve been through enough suffering the last few years, but… I just can’t” her voice started to crack and her eyes were swelled with tears. “Sometimes I feel like I’ve lost you so many times that… I just can’t do it one more time.”

“But this is not the solution” he said in a whisper, taking her by the shoulders “there has got to be another way”

“There is no other way” the Kuchiki elder said “if she wants to marry you so badly, she has to renounce to her family and every privilege her last name could provide in the future.”

He had never felt so impotent, frustrated, and angry in his entire life. Not even after everything that had happened to his family. Hell, he felt he could cry the tears he knew Miyako was holding back. He knew her better than he knew himself, which allowed him to say with certainty that she was going to miss the Kuchiki manor, the staff she had befriended, his family, but above all she was going to regret not having been there with his little pest of a brother when it came the time for him to become the head of the family. “Damn!” he cursed wanting to punch the wall. He hated all this: royalty, noble houses… he hated it!

“I’m all set” she said smiling brighter than ever and carrying a suitcase with her.

“Miyako” he said approaching her and taking the bag from her hands. His free hand started to caress her face. “You don’t have to do this…”

“I want to” she interrupted, determination in her eyes.

“I’m so sorry” he said in a whisper.

“You should really stop apologizing for everything” she said as if nothing was going on. “This was my decision” she said firmly “I love jii-sama and Byakuya, but if they can’t understand the way I feel about you… I told you once, I can’t give up on you. Please, don’t give up on me” he kissed her deeply and then pressed his forehead against hers.

“I won’t. Never. I promise”

The captain of the eighth division, Kyouraku Shunsui really expected his long time white haired friend and fellow captain got a hold of himself. Kaien didn’t need his best man to be crying when the time came to give him the rings.

“You didn’t see her” Ukitake had tried to explain. “She looks so beautiful and so happy”

“Ah… how could she not?” Shunsui asked adjusting his hat “after all they’ve gone through… Though this is really sad” he pointed out.

“You’re right. I still can’t believe Ginrei and Byakuya declined the invitation”

“Oh, that too, but I meant the other reason.”

“What other reason?” Ukitake asked confused.

“Another pretty girl off the market…”

 “… until death do you apart?”

“I do”

“I heard Byakuya got married” she sighed heavily against his chest.

“I really hope he’s as happy with her as I am with you.”

“I know my brother, and even when he looked tough as the head of the family should, I know he was torn apart inside. I never wanted this for him. I just wish… I wish I could be by his side right now” Kaien held her in a comforting embrace.

“And they say, even on her death bed, she told him she never loved him, but asked a last favor of him” Miyako heard some shinigami gossip in Rukongai.

“What was it?”

“For him to look for the sister, who while being a baby, she had abandoned.”

“Ukitake taichou confided me that he adopted her as his sister.” For some reason, Miyako found herself closing her eyes and sighing heavily. “He also asked him if she could join his division given that she didn’t complete the curriculum, and there are no offers from the other squads” their eyes met “taichou agreed. I have to meet her tomorrow, show her around, and explain her how things work here.” Miyako nodded. “Are you ok with this?” she smiled.

“I know it must be hard for her. Byakuya can be cold sometimes and they say she takes after her sister, so I reckon that coldness might be increased.” Kaien looked at her confused, not sure where she was going. “And I know how hard it is to be part of a noble family, how everyone thinks of you… please, try your best to make her feel at home.” Kaien smiled, he had married not only the most beautiful, but also the kindest woman in the world.

“It’s only a recognition mission, nothing serious!” she had assured him before leaving.

“I’m sorry if I make myself look as an obsessive, overprotective freak, but… please, be careful, I’d go with you, but…”

“It’s going to be fine” she had said. He smiled a nervous smile, and kissed her more deeply than he had ever done before.

“I love you. Don’t you forget that.” She smiled

“I love you too. Don’t you forget it either” he had watched her as she had gone.

Do you remember when you said you had lost me already and couldn’t afford to lose me again? Why do I, right now, feel the same way?’

The moment he saw his wife’s immobile body and shut eyes was the first time Shiba Kaien truly felt fear. He had encountered thousands of hollows, gone to a fair share of missions, had seen some nasty things, but never this feeling had gone down his spine. Was he afraid because this hollow had been able to take down his wife and her men? No. Was he afraid because there was nearly no info on the hollow? No. He was afraid because he didn’t know how he was going to face the fact of waking up every morning and realizing, as if it was a morning ritual, that his wife was gone forever. He was afraid of having to live without the sensation of longing for something after a mission, longing for that beautiful, warm smile, those delicate fingers through his hair and her tender cares. Afraid that his wife’s pride…

“We should be ready in two days.”

 That’s it! He thought storming out of the room.

“Wait, Kaien! Calm down!” Taichou’s voice barely reached him.

“We don’t know its name, appearance or abilities” He said trying to calm down. His tone of voice, unfamiliar to himself, “therefore you want me to just sit here, like an idiot and wait…? Leave everything to the assault squad and just hide in here?”

He was grateful enough with Ukitake-taichou for leaving him come here, even when he knew damn well, they weren’t ready, thus, he was going to be the one doing all the fighting.

“Permission to fight alone” and to Ukitake, that was the time Kaien’s voice sounded the firmest. There was a moment of silence.

“Granted” the white haired taichou said, knowing the possible outcomes, but also knowing that Kaien knew them as well.

It was raining, and the rain felt heavier than usual. He knew it must’ve felt even heavier to the poor girl underneath him.

“Kuchiki. I dragged you into this… my stubbornness has caused you pain. I’m sorry, you must be torn apart inside” and so he was, Miyako’s soul, the only soul that truly matched his had been consumed by a hollow and now that he had been saved, his own, was going to become a part of Sereitei’s protection sphere. Even in whatever came after, assuming something came, his soul, his heart and Miyako’s weren’t going to follow the same direction. Will we wander errant around the world, with no direction until we find each other again? I know I might as well do it. I wouldn’t have made it a single day without you…

The girl underneath him was shaking. The rain was even heavier.

Our bodies themselves are souls. If we die, our bodies sooner or later turn to dust and become the spirit particles that make up Soul Society. When that happens, where do our hearts go?

  “Thanks… to you… my heart… can still stay here”

There is no heart without you

2nd-Apr-2011 07:57 am - [fic] I'm [still] here
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairing: 2700
Word Count: 1,671
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own KHR!
Warnings: Relationship study from Tsuna's POV
Spoilers: For chapters 330 and 331
Summary: At the beginning, it was electric. Then, there was a gravitational pull... Tsuna reflects on his bond with Enma as he makes him a promise he's willing to keep.
Author's Note: This is me being completely random, but I'm just so happy with chapter 331 that I couldn't help wrtiting this, I hope you all like it! =)

As he was sitting besides the bed, his hand traveling over the sheet and dangerously tenting to graze against one with wires attached to it, he thought he never wanted to be in a hospital anymore.

Uncertainty was an unpleasant and excruciating feeling and it made him feel feebler. He hunched over the bed staring at his broken hand to eventually rest his head on the bed, his fingers approaching by the second. He smiled, melancholy reflected in his eyes remembering the first time their hands met.

At the beginning, it was electric.

He was all the things he used to be – or that he still was – he was nothing more than someone who by chance had arrived to his mess of a life, but would never be involved. There was no connection, no need of a connection, no desire for a connection even when he was being tortured right in front of him.

Then, he was pulled; or rather Reborn’s foot on his back made him felt as if the ground was pulling him near. But as he was lying on the ground defeated and sore, he realized that after his first encounter with Hibari Kyouya, he had never shared being bullied with anyone before – Gokudera was a bully himself and no one messed with Yamamoto –

“A-are you alright?” he stammered due to the pain. He didn’t answer as he stood up and tried to put himself together. “Ah, they ripped your textbooks apart” he pointed out looking at the tattered sheets, but no word came out of his mouth. “H-here” he said giving him his book back. He wasn’t sure how to act around someone who gave the impression of not wanting to have any interaction at all.

He would’ve never been able to anticipate that, like a signal, his ring would light up and an electric sensation would travel from his arm down to his spine.

He ran away like a scared – broken – little animal.

Then, there was a gravitational pull

Reborn forced him to give him his forgotten book back.

He was alone, sitting by the lake, - on an attempt at – sewing his pants.

The first time he heard his voice, he was stopping his thumb from bleeding and it was all distorted. He was glad he could actually speak, but his sewing skills weren’t the greatest.

“I’m clumsy, go ahead and laugh” there was honesty in his voice combined with a tint of resignation. Like someone who enunciates a fact that he wished could be changed, but knows it won’t, even if he tries. But there was no much room for thinking when he lost balanced and fell on the river; whether it was his instinct to help him or gravity, Tsuna fell with him. He fell…

The first time he saw him smile, he wasn’t really sure why he was doing his best at making him feel better. There was something about Kozato Enma that didn’t allow him to simply turn around. So he tried, and tried…

The first time he felt someone understood, he was on the verge of having an attack. He didn’t want to be stripped away from the average life he was content to have; he didn’t want to lead a mafia family, being led to take decisions he never wanted to make to protect that family. He didn’t want his life not to be his anymore.

“Why don’t you run away?” the cuts on his face had multiplied and deepened. “I’m always thinking about running away too” he gazed at the sky as if he was going to find an escape there, and maybe he was.

“Enma-kun, those injuries, were you bullied again?” he didn’t answer for some seconds. Tsuna came closer.

“When humans have power, they use it rashly. The mafia, school bullies… they’re all the same” he said almost to himself.

“Hey… are you ok?” he was more worried about his current state.

“What about you?” he asked as his eyes found him. Tsuna was taken aback by the question. “See you” he said getting up more swiftly than he thought he would be able to.

The thought had never crossed his mind nor had anyone suggested it before.

It was probably the logical way to follow. Even when he disappointed everyone, there was no one better than himself to know that he would never be fitting to be a mafia boss. “If I hate it I should just run away”

It was refreshing being around someone who didn’t expect anything from you. A person you could tell what you really thought to and so he did because there was this need to empty the vessel before it became shards. He probably thought the same as he raised his voice to talk about his family which he had never done.

“But there are times when I feel like I could be friends with you. Tsuna-kun is different from other scary mafia people” he stared at him assimilating his words, his eyes wide and his mouth agape.

“I-I already consider us friends. Even without the ceremony, I really think it’s great we were able to meet each other” Sincerity conveyed in his face and voice. Enma was astounded, his expression made Tsuna smile wider.

He wondered if Enma was able to feel it too… that sensation of finally heading somewhere, with someone enjoying the ride with you.

But there was a tremor afterwards.

Nothing fell back on its place again. His crimson eyes told him nothing ever would either.

Kozato Enma stood impassive like an emperor while all those Tsuna cared about fell to his feet. “Tsuna-kun, you better worry about yourself” Tsuna was pulled against the ceiling, the taste of blood invading his mouth.

He fell, but this time there was no one with him; there was nothing but the blurry sight of feet walking away.

It was one of life’s biggest tragedies, he thought: hurting and being hurt by those you love.

With that thought in mind, he brought his flame forth as his… - he didn’t even know what Enma was to him anymore – looked down at him. A mixture of despair, anger and pain made his eyes gleam redder.

It felt like being pulled near fire; the suffocating heat crawling down his skin, but knowing he wasn’t burning quite yet.

Every punch landed with might and every word was spouted with scorn and eventual sorrow.

“When humans have power, they use it rashly. The mafia, school bullies… they’re all the same”

He realized now just how true that statement was.

“You are the son of Sawada Iemitsu, the man who murdered my parents and my sister” he tried to refute it, deny it, make him see it was impossible, but there was nothing he could say as his body went numb.

And he took every rage filled strike; he took them as if he could solve anything by it. But he didn’t.

Enma broke under his own power. He was lying on the ground, blood on his face, tears in his eyes. “Tsunayoshi… how could you? My sister… Give me back Mami…”

He felt the despair conveyed in those words reaching his very core.

The sky and the earth never meet, even when they seemed to do so in the horizon. Perhaps, that’s how it always had to be.

It was a tragedy, indeed.

There was also a black hole dismissing everything.

It was holding water in your hands and expecting not to slip away. It was a misleading flickering light pretending to shed normal brightness. It was the vessel in shards.

Tsuna was being drawn, even when a ghost had taken Enma’s place.

He wasn’t listening. He was repeating his name like a prayer. His killing intent was blatant and intoxicating “Please, leave this to me” he requested. Words of protest arose. “It’s ok. Enma’s going to be fine” he said more to himself than to those present.

He would do anything he needed to in order to bring him back.

But he was pulled.

I don’t want to be alone, I’m so alone. No one here…

Not so long ago, Tsuna had been lonely. Even when he had set a barrier of resignation between himself and the world, the loneliness was still there. Then Reborn had come along and turned his world upside down; he had made it noisier, more dangerous, more hectic… happier.

He had seen the members of the Shimon Family fall one by one, most of them grateful towards their boss; all of them united by pain, but now they were all gone.

Help me! I don’t want to be alone…

“I’m here” he uttered as loud as he could, waiting for his words to pierce through his skull. He meant it; for him he would always mean it “Here I am”, Enma stopped for some seconds until his eyes were tinted with the crimson he always knew.

“Tsuna-kun!” he called out, “just like Vongola primo, you didn’t betray me”

But the hunger of that black hole was greater than both their powers.

“I’m going to save you. I’m going to do it” it was an oath.

And in the end, there’s darkness

His broken digits moved slowly over the sheets. Tsuna looked up to find him slightly writhing. He was cringing as sweat drops traveled down his forehead.

Tsuna stood up and stared at him closely. Enma started mumbling incomprehensible words; he remembered being told that he used to do that when he was younger. He also remembered his mother’s cure.

He leaned over him, his right hand removing damped locks, to then dig in red hair and find its way to his cheek. He pressed his forehead against his and closed his eyes.

“I’m here” he whispered, Enma ceased to move at the sound of his voice, Tsuna smiled, “I’ll always be here” he placed a light kiss on his forehead, “always”

He meant it; for him, he would always mean it.

17th-Mar-2011 06:35 pm - [fic] The Ever-changing Shapes
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto
Rating: T
Timeline: Half a year after the beginning of the Fourth Shinobi World War
Warnings: Implied sexual situations
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto
Summary: Sasuke is like ice, cold to the touch and it leaves you burning... Naruto's many perceptions of Sasuke.


As the sharp, metallic weapon came in contact with his throat - its coldness making him gulp once - he thinks that if a color described the renegade staring down at him, it would be black, always so engulfing, so engaging, so daunting. So tempting, he thinks while drowning in those black eyes that are gazing at him with pretended indifference. Pretended, because otherwise he wouldn’t be here…

“Have you come to take care of business?” he asks expecting not to give away his own yearning because half a year has been too much and enough.

Sasuke’s glare grows even darker, but then one of the corners of his lips lifts revealing that smirk that, Naruto has to admit, is attractive even to him, but would never say it to his face.

And that is the jerk’s answer, because after half a year he thinks he can go by without saying anything. “Let’s get down to business, then” the blonde shinobi says without realizing a small smile has been drawn on his own lips.


As his eager hands anxiously remove any piece of clothing that might get on the way, Naruto thinks Sasuke is pure white like the snow: cold, warning, distant. Once it sets between your fingers, it calmly lays there until it melts due to the warmth only to eventually slip away. Scheming, deceiving. A season that in due time will be gone.

 But thought has no place in his mind when Sasuke’s hands are going through his chest – one of them dangerously hovering over his lower part – and his mouth is doing wonders to his neck making him gasp. Because as his intoxicating scent mixes up his senses, there’s only Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke… and what’s there to dwell about? Hasn’t it been like that since he left? Hasn’t he buried his wounded face on the snow to keep him from harm’s way because he didn’t know what he would do if Sasuke was no more? Hasn’t he decided that everything is Sasuke and Sasuke is everything?


Sasuke is like ice, cold to the touch and leaves you burning.

Naruto is a masochist and aware of it because the youngest Uchiha’s very demeanor is like that of these rare night sessions. Sasuke stands on top of the world taking everything away, sucking dry his very existence. And so, Naruto lies over a mess of sheets, his cheek against the pillow, when he opens his eyes. He looks to the other side of the bed as quick as his sore muscles allow him to, the jerk’s sitting on the edge of the bed and he mentally relaxes at realizing he’s not gone yet, smiling like a little school girl. He drifts away from thinking that even if there’s a part of Sasuke that genuinely wants to stay, he will be gone any time, he’s always gone and one day he’ll be gone forever.

His strong back is facing him and now he thinks he is like porcelain – if he looks closely he can see the cracks in his skin – so he decides not to push him further even when he’s aching to reach him.


Sasuke is like a statue. He doesn’t move, he doesn’t talk and sometimes he thinks he doesn’t feel. But so is the willpower of that gorgeous statue that it can stand on its feet and walk out of the door if messed with, so Naruto just stares at him because sometimes that is enough and he expects hopelessly that his gaze will pierce deep enough into his skull, then he might be able to understand him better.

“You’re pathetic, usuratonkachi, did you know that?” Sasuke asks, his face over his shoulder meeting Naruto's still sleepy blue eyes. His voice is coarse. “You still have this” he points out lifting his old headband so the kyuubi’s host is able to see it. Naruto smiles sluggishly as if it was all a big joke and Sasuke thinks about destroying the dreadful thing, but decides against it and places it over the nightstand. It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters anymore.


Sasuke is like a tyrant, Naruto thinks as the deserter rests on top of him, crushing him with his weight. The Uchiha prince, an inside joke, is always demanding, kissing him fiercely, bruising him, possessing him franticly, wearing him off and letting him on his own to deal with the consequences, but at the moment his spiky hair on Naruto’s cheek makes him tickle and his thumb is traveling down his jaw line almost gently.

“Say, Naruto” his hot breath on his ear and his husky voice sending a shiver down his spine, “what would you say if I asked you to come with me?” Naruto closes his eyes. He’s tired of being questioned and reprimands himself mentally for not seeing it coming. He musters enough energy to wrap his arm around his head and caress his hair smoothly as he leaves a light kiss on his temple. It doesn’t really matter, does it?


“You’re an idiot. You dream about becoming Hokage and having this shitty village acknowledge you, yet you say you want me back while knowing you can’t have both… you’re a fucking contradiction.” Sasuke’s voice is as loud as the situation allows him to, but he doesn’t pull away, not even a little. Naruto smiles calmly thinking they’re both the same. He wants to ask: if you know that, then what are you doing here? But he doesn’t because Sasuke will run away, he always runs away.

“You haven’t acknowledged me either” a playful tone in his response that makes Sasuke hiss. He hasn’t understood anything, he never will.


Sasuke is the red pouring out of his eyes. For a moment, it makes him look like he's crying, for a moment he fantasizes that those tears are for him.

Sasuke is the black of his eyes, the cold of his touch and his white porcelain skin, shattering.

Sasuke is a cruel tyrant stripping everything away.

But as he’s hovering over him, his mesmerizing face forcing him not to turn away, Sasuke is the rain mixed with blood that touches his cheeks, the soft lips brushing against his, the hand that holds his gently – for the first time – as he takes one last breath.

11th-Mar-2011 04:26 pm - [fic] Everlasting || Chapter 3

Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Kurosaki Ichigo and Inoue Orihime
Timeline: Undefined
Warnings: Angst, lots of angst. Sorry
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.
Summary: For each time Kurosaki Ichigo's soul was reborn he loved Inoue Orihime.
Author's note: I decided to go for this lifetime to be sort of normal, nothing supernatural to it, just angst. God! Sometimes it feels I can only add angst to this story, sorry, but please, give it a chance! =)

The third, as he who has no eyes…

It was snowing. It felt as if the sky was going to fall down...

A girl with waist length raven hair was walking on the snow. A coat and gloves matching her hair were protecting her from the cold. Even at a considerable distance, she was noticeable amidst all the white covering the grass. When he came closer, he realized she was smiling while trying to catch the snowflakes.

She stopped all of a sudden stating that she had become aware of his presence. Her back was still turned to him when he decided to head back to his car.

"Stop, please" her voice was even gentler than what he had expected. It was warm. He stopped on his tracks and turned around. It took him a minute to take in her beautiful features while she was examining him.

"Your hair is so orange" she said with an innocent smile. His face turned into a deeper scowl, but that didn't make the girl's smile go away.

"Well, thanks a lot for your observation. And no, I don't dye my hair, therefore, I'm not a delinquent" he said bitterly. Being told left and right that he was a delinquent because of his hair since he was on middle school could cause that. He didn't want to be rude, but it was tiring. "Anyway, you're ok, so I guess I better get going"

"What do you mean I'm ok?" she asked making him stop again "did you believe I was in danger or something?" he looked at her. He had never seen a girl on his life wearing that expression.

"Yeah, I'm sorry" he said trying to explain himself "It's snowing… so, you know, no one in their right mind… I'm not trying to say you're not in your right mind… damn! What I mean to say is that… you don't expect someone to be wandering in the snow, by a frozen river. I just thought you might've needed help" his cheeks were bright red, and they got even brighter when she beamed at him.

"I just felt like coming here, that's all. I appreciate that you wanted to help me because you thought I was in some kind of problem, that's very nice of you."

"Do you want me to give you a ride?" he asked pointing to his car.

"Umm… you don't really have to" she said timidly

"I don't mind" besides, if you stay here, you're going to freeze to death. I can't let that happen. "Where do you live?" He asked, she smiled as if she were keeping something from him.

"At the apartment complex, four blocks from here…" His eyes widened at her answer.

"That's where I live" She nodded, her smile never leaving her lips. "Please, I want to do this" he insisted. The scowl on his face much more relaxed. She smiled wider; it was nice to see him like that.

It was freaking hot, it felt as if the sun was going to fall down.

He still didn't believe the girl he met back in the winter and it didn't help much that he hadn't seen her since then. It was utterly unbelievable that even when they both had lived in the same building for years, he had never seen her before. And now he found himself wondering if she was ok most of his spare time. She sure seemed like someone who'd get in trouble easily.

The amount of time he had spent thinking about her made him overlooked the girl with waist length raven hair jogging by the river and not exactly dressed to do so. At first, he thought it was a fidget of his imagination, then his protective instinct kicked in.

He pulled over, got out of the car and reached her as fast as he could. Her back was turned to him again, her hair dancing with the wind. She was chasing… red dragonflies?

"You should be careful" he said to make himself noticed "you could trip and fall…" it was the exact opposite of easier said than done. It was as if he had asked for it and it had been granted. He ran to a speed unknown to himself and managed to catch her and get her away of the water; she landed on her back and he, on top of her. She laughed. It was a beautiful laugh. "You should be more careful" he said, a shade of his normal scowl on his face. He was really worried. What if she had really fallen?

"That's not fair!" she said pouting. "You distracted me, that's why I almost fell" he smiled out of nowhere. It was bright. Then he realized he was over her and clearing his throat, removed himself from that position, and sat next to her. She, as well, shifted to a sitting position.

"Were you chasing red dragonflies?" he asked after a moment of silence. She nodded smiling.

"It's something me and my mom used to do" he nodded pointing a finger towards the sky, trying his luck. The next moment, a red dragonfly sat on his finger.

"It's just like magic, isn't it?" she said smiling, he had to agree.

"I've always wanted to do that, but I've never been able to" he looked at her. Somehow, that little thing seemed important to her.

"Here" he said reaching for her hand and placing the animal on her finger, but it flew away.

"I guess it's not for me" she said with a sad smile. She stood up and he followed.

"Do you want me to give you a ride?"

"Thanks a lot, but no. I'm going the other way" with a last smile, she took her leave.

It was July; it felt as if tears were coming down.

He hated the rain. He didn't have a particular reason, but he knew that when it rained, there were higher probabilities of any kind of accident: plane crashes, car accidents… people also felt down, which led to depression. That was a scientific fact. Maybe that was too lame of a reason, but… both thoughts put together in her head converged in one single person: the raven haired girl. He was worried about the possibility of her being by the river chasing… something… anything… he would go and check later.

The sound of his cell phone receiving a message made him come back to reality.

"You don't even have the decency of making a phone call" he said putting the cell phone away with a short message from his father and his excuse for missing his birthday. Not that he cared; it had been long ago since he had stopped celebrating his birthday.

A knock on the door was heard. When opened, he found himself with the girl his thoughts had been filled with lately. She was smiling as usual.

"Happy birthday" she said handing him a big cake

"Wh-what?" he asked, having been taken by surprise "how did you even know it was my birthday?"

"The landlord told me" he chuckled. Now, this was unexpected "It has strawberries in it. I hope you like them"

"I love them" he said without hesitating. She smiled "wanna come in?" her gray eyes widened and she stayed silent for a minute. "Come on! I can't eat all this!" he said with something reaching a smile…

"Oh… really?"


A door opened. A pair of eyes widened. A smile. It had been almost seven years since he had last seen his longtime friend. He had really thought she had forgotten completely about him.

"Hey" the girl said. Her violet eyes shining "it's been a long time." He agreed.

She was sitting by the river, her long, raven hair dancing at her back. Waiting. A promise, broken.

"Let's meet every day by the river" he had said

"Every day by the river? Why?"

"It's peaceful and you seem to love it there" had been his answer "I'll be there every day. I promise"

A heavy sigh

"No, you won't"

It was September; it felt as if the world had gone and died.

She had sat by the river for the last two months. She had never found him there, neither down the corridors, nor crossing down the streets. Another heavy sigh, it seemed that was all she did every time she went to that place. She pointed a finger towards the sky, but nothing came.

"I'm going crazy"

"Heeey…!" she had screamed, waving at him, the last day she saw him. He was helping sweep the leaves from the ground. They had already withered and died. She beamed at him. He waved back.

"Oi, you're not doing it right!" a grave voice had screamed at him. "You're throwing them at me!"

"No, I'm not…!" they had begun to argue. She smiled; gray eyes as well. So that's who she is. She really is something.

It was December; the world had gone and died

"You disappeared and didn't say anything" his scowl on place. It had been five years; she looked older, not longer chasing red dragonflies. She smiled nervously.

"I didn't? Well, I did send you a postcard from Sheffield, maybe you don't remember…"

"I remember very well. What I mean is that you didn't say anything personally to me"

"Ah, well… you were busy that day and I didn't want to interrupt you. She seemed lovely"

"She's far from lovely, believe me! But that's not the point! The point is…"

"How is she, anyway?" she interrupted

"Happily married" he answered. Gray eyes widened. She gulped before being able to speak again.

"Congratulations!" she managed to say.

"Why?" he asked thinking she was going too far trying to avoid the topic.

"Because you're married…" she tried to suppress a laugh. Just when she thought his face couldn't get any funnier, his eyes seemed like they were going to pop out and a total sense of cluelessness was plastered all over his face.

"I'm not married! Especially not to her!" he said as if the idea was the most ridiculous thing in the world "But you…"

"I'm in love" she said simply. Brown met gray and it seemed the world ended. "And I would love if you were there for the wedding… you were always nice to me and I really enjoyed the little time we spent together…" she couldn't bring herself to say anything else for a moment "I want you to be there, please" she said in a whisper. He nodded; she smiled and turned her back to him, leading to the opposite direction.

"I'm in love" he said making her stop. "Since you didn't ask… that's what's happened to me in the last five years. I met a girl with beautiful gray eyes and a bright, bright smile" she tried her hardest to hold back the tears; her throat felt funny. He looked sad, she felt guilty. "I'm sorry. That's too unfair." He said realizing what he had just done. "I… made a promise and didn't live up to it. I was so stupid." She didn't know how to respond to that, so she said nothing. He couldn't look her in the eye, so his eyes got stuck to the grass once they had found their way there.

"I never saw you…" he said after remembering the question that had hunted him all those years ago. "In the building, I never saw you." She nodded

"You were blind… just as I was five years ago." He got on one knee.

"Will you marry me?" her eyes widened "not this lifetime, but the next. I don't want to be blind forever." She smiled, her eyes filled with tears and she nodded.

"Of course I will."


Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Pairing: 8018
Timeline: From chapter 294 to chapter 328
Warnings: Sexual situations. Angst. English is not my native language
Disclaimer: I don't own KHR!
Summary: Yamamoto always said inappropiate things that annoyed Hibari, but how does he feel when there's the possibility of never hearing them again?
Author's Note: My first time writing yaoi. I think this was the first couple I opened my eyes to in khr! and after last week's chapter I felt inspired to write this which deals with Hibari coming to terms with his relationship with Yamamoto and him being attacked afterwards. I'd love to read what you guys think about it.

The rain… it’s so depressing.

He thought to himself as he watched from the window of the reception room how the clouds gathered on the sky, that unpleasant smell of a coming storm filling everything. It would rain soon.

He hated the rain; people were like caged beasts whenever it rained, all of them secluded, trying to escape from it, not letting it touch them, as if they were going to be deluded under its spell.

I can’t let the rain touch me. It’s depressing.

He kept telling himself while his mind unconsciously went to the memory of a soothing and calming presence along with a much too bright smile at the thought of rain.

He closed his eyes, taking in the very much different scent to the one spreading outside. He felt particularly tired when a pair of arms wrapped themselves around him and a head leaned against his back.

“Remove your arms or I’ll…”

“You can’t bite me to death” Yamamoto interrupted. “I wouldn’t let you. I’m not afraid of you.” Blue eyes narrowed at the statement.

“I can make you fear me.” The herbivore’s grip tightened just then. Hibari sighed heavily closing his eyes again. He was a hopeless case. “Just let go” he said struggling, but Takeshi wasn’t budging. “I have no intention of being around you, you’re annoying” Yamamoto chuckled.

 “You ask me to let you go, yet you make it very clear that the moment I do, you’re going to walk away from my grasp.” Hibari looked over his shoulder finally meeting those honey eyes that suddenly became eager. “Look, I don’t know what I did; I don’t know what I should apologize for, but… I really want to…”

Yamamoto always knew Hibari was a difficult person. Before actually interaction with him he knew he was a special being who’d get things done his way, which he had to admit it was one of his most appealing traits to him.

Seeing Hibari Kyouya from afar was like contemplating someone who was larger than life. While everyone at school thought he was particularly dangerous and how his scowl made them want to run in the opposite direction, Hibari had given him that sensation of being helplessly drawn to something that he hadn’t experienced since he had fallen for baseball.

“Do you remember the first time we spoke? You beat the crap out of me. I looked so uncool” he said rubbing his nose against the fabric of his shirt which sent shivers down Hibari’s spine.

“Why are you suddenly talking about that?” he wondered not quite understanding where he wanted to get.

“I was thinking I’d like to go back to after the Varia battles, when you had given in a little, when I hadn’t done anything wrong.” He kept repeating that, over and over without realizing the whole thing had been a mistake from the beginning. Much to Yamamoto’s ignorance, Hibari had an undisclosed desire and Yamamoto, the right person in the right place at the right time, had been there to quell it. Never would he have thought he would get so obsessed over it. One time he had let himself being led by his emotions and it had ended up in a disaster. That was a lesson for a lifetime.

Yamamoto Takeshi’s grip hadn’t loosened one bit and he was starting to feel uncomfortable. The baseball fanatic’s eyes widened when a hand was placed over his.

Removing Yamamoto’s hands from his chest, Hibari turned around taking the rain guardian’s face with both his hands and claiming his mouth impatiently. Yamamoto barely had time to register what was happening.

He winced when his back hit the table, Hibari making him drown his cry in his mouth, his desperate hands working on his belt, then he realized Hibari wasn’t bluffing.

“Hey, Hibari” he said trying to stop his hands. “Are you sure about this?”

“Shut up” was his answer which was nearly enough for Yamamoto, though it didn’t assure him that he would choose to ignore this like he had done before.

His mind was worries free when he felt Hibari’s hand on his groin, his mouth working on the crook of his neck. It was nearly impossible for Yamamoto to suppress a moan and take a hold of Hibari’s silky hair; he willingly reciprocated and let Hibari do anything he wanted with him, now that he finally had him like this, he wasn’t about to back off.

Hibari kissed him fiercely again while Yamamoto busied himself undoing his tie and getting rid of his jacket and shirt. Once he was done he followed the trace of his jaw, leaving butterfly kisses behind, the cloud guardian’s face supported by Yamamoto’s gentle hand. When he started nipping at his neck, he could swear he felt him shivering, the swordsman let out a small smile while continuing his job. He knew he wasn’t an easy guy to please and to have that kind of reaction at something so simple… Yamamoto could only praise himself.

His mouth went down his chest, one of his hands caressing his nipple. Hibari’s breathing became elaborated, especially when Yamamoto started to make love to his abdomen. Yamamoto hadn’t noticed last time, but that was the invincible Hibari’s weak point; he smiled again.

His hands went to his belt, his hardness visible through his pants making Yamamoto himself grow bigger. He looked up at Hibari, his face was livid, eager, tortured under the anticipation. When blue met honey Yamamoto didn’t doubt for a second to place his hands at each of his sides, pulling down his briefs. Those eyes had given him an order he was more than willing to comply.  

Just as Yamamoto was being mesmerized by the view in front of him, he jumped up when one of the windows was shattered and a baseball ball made its entrance in the room.

“What the fuck?” he cursed out loud mostly mad because Hibari wasn’t going to let pass by the fact that one of the windows in the reception room, his room, had been shattered.

Hibari didn’t doubt in starting to dress up as quick as possible. This can’t be happening, Yamamoto thought to himself falling over the table, his elbows supporting the weight of his upper body.

“Whoever did this” he heard Hibari hiss. “I’ll definitely bite him to death” he announced while grabbing his tonfa. Yamamoto got off the table straightening his clothes.

“N-no, wait” he said blocking the door, his arms trying to keep Hibari away from it. “It was my fault, all my fault. You see, one of the transfer students joined the baseball team and I was trying to help him with his pitching, so I take full responsibility, you can bite me to death all you want.” Now that he saw him carefully he realized he had been wearing the baseball team uniform all the time. His smile in place and scratching the back of his head as if thinking that that would get him out of trouble made Hibari’s anger grow by the second.

“One of the transfer students? You mean to say he’s from that mafia family?” Yamamoto flinched realizing the mistake he had made. Of course Hibari wouldn’t be pleased with anything related to the girl who had tried to take away his reception room, Suzuki Adelheid.

“Yes” he decided to answer, “But please, let me handle it, the repairing of the window and everything” Hibari was starting at him with eyes that felt like they were piercing through his skull.

Someone knocked the door, much to Yamamoto’s relief. It was Kaoru.

“E-excuse me” he stammered, having the normal reaction one would have around Hibari and knowing you had offended him in some way. The giant, as intimidating as he was for himself wasn’t able to make eye contact with the man in front of him “I-I threw the ball too hard and-“

“Don’t worry about it” Yamamoto said smiling brightly, an arm around his fellow baseball partner making Hibari’s lip twitch. “Sempai here is going to let us pay for the damages and that’s it. Why don’t you do some other exercises, I’ll be down in a minute”

“Ok” the bulky man said going out of the room.

“That was unfortunate” Yamamoto said once he was out of earshot, smile still plastered on his face.

“You shouldn’t do any talking for me” Hibari said turning his back on him, heading for his desk. “And you made a mess here” The other man laughed and scratched the back of his head. Even if he looked like an idiot when he did that, Hibari couldn’t help to feel very attracted to that gesture that was very characteristic of Yamamoto.

“I’ll help you clean, then” he said coming closer.

“No. You have another baseball freak to care about” he responded bluntly. Yamamoto stared at him for some seconds.

“Are you jealous?” he asked teasingly.

“Your stupidity has no limits, Yamamoto Takeshi” he said while grabbing some tissues and starting cleaning the table. This was an herbivore’s work, but he couldn’t really ask anyone to do it for him.

Hibari, Hibari

They heard Hibird tweet. Hibari waited for the bird to pose on top of his head, but the animal never came. “It’s really taken a liking on me, you know” Yamamoto said making him turn around only to find Hibird on top of his head. “You should be more like him” Hibari glared at him, but Yamamoto knew it didn’t pose much of a threat.

The swordsman came closer to him expecting him to move away, but when he didn’t, a smile was drawn on his lips. He held him in an embrace, his cheek against his sempai’s cheek. Hibari closed his eyes at the feeling of Yamamoto’s breath on his hear.

“Will you come to the ceremony tomorrow?” he asked, one of his hands caressing his back.

“You know I hate crowds.”

“Of course I do, but I was thinking we could go for a couple of drinks later, celebrating Tsuna’s officially the boss” he explained trying to convince him. Hibari needed to stop him from rubbing his damn cheek against his, it was driving him crazy.

“Why would I celebrate anything for that herbivore?”

“And afterwards we could finish what we started here” he said completely ignoring his question. Blue eyes widened. “What do you say, head of the disciplinary commitee?” He took Hibari’s face with one hand, his thumb caressing his cheek now and his forehead against his.

Hibari’s eyes looked even bluer from up close. Those beautiful, beautiful eyes that sometimes seemed to convey nothing more than an ominous killing intent were just now staring at him, a glint of yearning that had nothing to do with sexual desire.

“Whenever you want, ok?” he said lovingly. Hibari always thought those kinds of actions were for weak animals, but being like this with Yamamoto made him feel at ease for some reason, but it also upset him.

“Disappear, Yamamoto Takeshi. You have an herbivore waiting for you” Yamamoto smiled and kissed him gently one last time.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, my cute Hibari.” He planted a kiss on his forehead making Hibari’s eyes widen. “I love you” he said in the most casual way possible and with that idiot smile of his. No nerve in Hibari’s body was able to respond as he saw how Yamamoto disappeared behind the door. On top of his head, Hibird was tweeting gleefully.

Hibari had already thought a detailed plan that would allow him to bite Yamamoto Takeshi to death for having dared utter those words. He was annoyed for even having to waste time to think of a plan, but he had always admitted that the baseball player was very strong and there were times when he thought he could consider him as an equal. He slumped exhausted on his chair; he hadn’t been able to get the smiling idiot out of his head since he had last been in that room and he was getting very annoyed by it.

Knowing that there would always be someone disrupting the order at his beloved school, he decided to go on patrol, eager to find someone to fight. A small smile was drawn on his lips when he found the baseball team’s locker room, which was definitely against the rules.

He made his way through the door to find himself staring at the back of the boxing lover who was part of the band of degenerates who always crowded around Sawada Tsunayoshi.

“Sasagawa Ryo-“he cut himself realizing the red substance near his feet. He then realized there was a body in front of him, a pool of blood surrounding him. Yamamoto Takeshi.

“Hibari, thank God! We have to call an ambulance. I’ve already tried to heal him with sun flames, but the wounds are too deep.” Ryouhei said, cold sweat on his forehead, his voice shaking.

To Hibari the boxer’s lips moved in slow motion, his words barely reaching his ears. He managed to distinguish the words ‘sun flames’ and ‘deep wounds’, putting two and two together he understood that the other man had already tried to heal him to no avail.


Of course, those Vongola rings they had had to fight for so many times had to come in handy in these kinds of situations, especially his ring, because he was…

The strongest…

But if a ring of the sun hadn’t been able to help, what could propagation, his ring’s attribute do?

He stood there frozen looking at Yamamoto’s motionless body, his expression vacant. There was a lot of blood, too much blood staining him.

“Hibari! Oi, can you hear me?!” Ryouhei’s desperate voice called out.

I hate the rain, that purifying rain…

He needed to find a safe haven for the moment; he had always been good at that, good at finding secluded places that would bring him out of the chaos of the outside world, but while sitting on the broom cupboard, his arms supported on his knees, his head resting on the back of his hands, he realized that this time, that chaos was inside his head.

The image of Yamamoto’s immobile and injured figure haunted him at any time and it disturbed him.

He stood up. Even when he didn’t like crowds, and taking his current mental state into a count, he was able to admit that hiding on the broom cupboard of a hospital was pathetic.

He headed for Yamamoto’s room thinking the waiting room would be clear by then, but he found those persistent herbivores crowding there. He decided to leave the hospital until everyone or at least some of them disappeared.

“Hibari” an annoying bomber called out. Hibari disregarded him following his original path when he felt a hand grabbing his arm.

“You must have a death wish to do something like that” Gokudera grimaced letting go abruptly.

“Are you attending the ceremony tomorrow?” Hibari stared at him, his expression blank, that expression that made people fear for their lives, but Gokudera didn’t budge.

“That’s none of your business” he said turning his back and walking away.

“If you’re here it means you care, don’t you?” Gokudera knew that would make him come to a halt. He had spent quite some time with Yamamoto to realize that the baseball nut felt something towards the always sour looking Hibari. There were a great deal of things he didn’t understand about Yamamoto and this was on top of his list.

Hibari stood motionless for some seconds. Since he had arrived at the hospital he hadn’t thought of the reason for him being there. It was ridiculous, he thought. “Caring is for the weak” Gokudera clenched his teeth and curled his hands in fists ready to fight him. “But a student was assaulted at the grounds of Namimori, I’ll find the culprit even if it means mingling with you lot”

“Tch, bastard…” The storm guardian said, his fists relaxing. A small knowingly smile was drawn on his lips as Hibari disappeared at the end of the hall.

The taste of defeat had been unknown to Hibari Kyouya up until the moment he met Rokudo Mukuro. Since that day he had ordered himself he would never suffer such humiliation, but now he found himself sitting on the couch of an unknown castle, the stinging pain of his hurt pride in place.

“So you’re here, isolated from everybody else. You’re definitely the floating cloud that won’t be caught by anyone and goes its own way” The old man who had offered his help to repair the rings said entering through a door Hibari hadn’t noticed.

“What do you want?” He asked bluntly. Talbot laughed.

“Here’s your ring” he said showing him the tray with objects similar to rocks. Hibari stared at them, a frown between his eyebrows. “You have to awaken its soul” The metal craftsman answered to the unspoken question. “You must light up your most powerful flame in order to send it energy” the scowl grew deeper. “However if your resolution is weak, the ring will be lost forever.” Hibari took the rock on his hands contemplating it for some seconds. “This is proving to be a difficult task for the strongest” Hibari glared at him, Tabolt chuckled. “I knew a person like you a long, long time ago and I know there must be a reason why you’re here today, whether it’s the family, an important person, your pride… concentrate on those feelings and maybe…” he smiled “I’ll leave you to it” he said as he head for the same door he had come through. “One last thing, if you fail, your ring animal dies too. Goodbye”

Hibari looked at the rock; it made him feel he was being drawn to it. He closed his eyes looking for concentration.

“There must be a reason you’re here”

“The Vongola’s strongest guardian: Hibari Kyouya. That’s what everyone thinks about you” He had said once.

“A student was assaulted at the grounds of Namimori, I’ll find the culprit even if it means mingling with you lot.”

The Vongola

Yamamoto Takeshi

A very strong flame was produced transforming the rock into a bracelet with the crest of the Vongola, spikes that resembled those of Roll thrust at each side of it.

He lifted his hand testing its weight. It fit perfectly on his wrist as if he was destined for it, power emanating at their contact, but…

Weapons are useless unless you master them…

Standing on the rooftop he found himself staring above him. There was not even a cloud on the sky, not even the slightest possibility of rain; the infinite azure was haunting.

“Kyouya” he heard someone in the distance calling him. He came back to reality to find the Bucking Horse staring at him, his bodyguard Romario some steps behind him. “I came as soon as I could. How are you?”

“Physically, I’m fine” he responded, his eyes going to the sky again. Dino lowered his gaze.

“How’s Yamamoto?” He dared to ask. When Hibari didn’t answer, Dino merely nodded, he knew better than to pressure Hibari. “So, what can I do for you?”

“The Vongola rings got an update” he said showing him the bracelet. “And you’ll help me get use to it” one of the corners of Dino’s lips lifted; it might make him sound like a masochist, but he had taken a liking on training with the cloud guardian.

“It looks like I’ll have to bite you to death right here” he announced to Daemon Spade, tonfa at the ready. “Rokudo Mukuro is my prey” he stated after Daemon revealed his plan to take Mukuro’s body as his vessel.

He laughed making Hibari’s eyes narrow. “How interesting! But if you were to break the mist curtain, it would cause quite a disaster. If this barrier is broken, its creator would die” Chrome Dokuro’s eyes looked lifeless, her grip tight on the trident she held in her hands. No action was made by the ones present which made Daemon feel amused until Kaoru tried to unsuccessfully attack him again earning some retaliation from the first mist guardian.

Then it happened. Materializing out of nowhere, Yamamoto Takeshi made its appearance to stop Daemon’s trident from giving the finishing blow, that unwavering smile gracing his features.

Hibari’s frown deepened at his actions. He swore Yamamoto was too kind for his own good and one day, it would backfire; one could never be too kind to herbivores.

There had been a long time since Hibari felt so strained from energy, physical and mental, that he couldn’t keep standing and his eyelids felt heavy.

After seeing Daemon Spade and Chrome Dokuro disappear, he fell to the ground, feeling how Hibird posed itself on his chest and how he gradually lost contact with reality.

He felt a hand hovering over him, a gentle hand, the scent of rain filling his nose and for the first time he thought it was nice. The hand was about to touch his hair but he was faster at grasping the wrist it belonged to with his stronger hand.

He opened his eyes sheepishly; even as if he had awakened some hours ago, he hadn’t felt like opening his eyes, but as everything came to focus, he was awarded with a pleasant sight. Honey eyes were looking down at him as if they were seeing him for the first time. Yamamoto smiled brightly at the hostility; he understood why Gokudera Hayato called him ‘freak’ every time he had the opportunity.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked bluntly.

“I just wanted to say ‘hi’” he responded sitting on his left side. Hibari was choking on that beautiful smile.

He let go of his hand and sat down, that adorable scowl never leaving his face, his eyes never meeting Yamamoto’s. “Why would you want to do that?” Yamamoto stared at him.

“Well, I honestly thought I was going to die” Hibari glanced at him.

“That was your own damn fault for being so overconfident in others” he said looking away again. Yamamoto laughed and scratched the back of his head; Hibari looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“You may be right, but…” he shrugged. “I can’t help it”

Don’t give me that smile… that soothing smile.

Hibari sighed, a strange feeling of easiness going through his body. Death, he hadn’t spared it much thought until this incident had happened. He looked at Yamamoto trying to erase his broken and bloodied figure from his mind. Their fingers were so close that a small movement would cause them to brush against each other, those finally bloodless fingers.

“But I’m glad I said what I had to say before that happened” Hibari’s blue eyes widened at the memory of the moments before Yamamoto’s near death experience. They soon returned to their original state though, his eyebrows furrowed.

His left hand turned into a fist, all of the strength he could muster was gathered on that fist when it connected to Yamamoto’s jaw. “What the fuck?” he cried as loud as he could, given that he didn’t want to wake up the others, his hand in his jaw. “What was that about?” Hibari’s expression was blank, touching the territories of boredom when he was asked the question.

“That’s for saying inappropriate things, trusting herbivores and thinking that the face of that maniac with a dictator’s complex is refreshing” He explained; the smile returned to Yamamoto’s face at realizing the reason for that punch.

“Are you jealous, Hibari-sempai?” he asked putting an arm around Hibari, his nose touching his cheek. Hibari grimaced at the gesture, but deep down he felt relief at that kind of contact, especially after thinking he would never get it from this person again.

“Don’t be more of an idiot than you already are” he said shoving him off, Yamamoto laughed again and Hibari thought he could find a way to get used to that laugh, to his jokes, his large hands, swords, sparring, the people he crowded with, his insistent spirit, baseball. He could get used to making his existence his and only his.

Yamamoto was taken by surprise when Hibari tackled him making him fall on his back, and wince due to not completely healed injuries.

“I’m sorry” he heard Hibari whisper so low that he would’ve missed it if he hadn’t been paying attention. There was a tint of real pain in his voice.

“Say, Hibari, want to finish what we started the other day?” He asked trying to lighten the mood.

“Shut up” Hibari ordered immediately. “I just want to stay like this for a while” Yamamoto felt how nails dug on each side of his torso, his face burying on his chest. He let out a small smile; he had learned to read Hibari, he didn’t say much, he did much.

Hibird posed at his side, Roll trying to climb near his shoulder. “Have you taken a liking on me too, little guy?” Hibari clung to him tighter and Yamamoto held him in a loving embrace, his fingers going through his smooth hair. “I know you don’t want me to say inappropriate things, but I’ve realized that there would be no rain without clouds” Hibari stood silent for a moment, his cheek on Yamamoto’s chest, his eyes looking ahead.

“Every time the clouds gather in the sky, everyone expects rain” he said serenely, Yamamoto waited patiently for him to go on. “I came to the conclusion that there is no need for clouds if there is no rain.” Yamamoto smiled bringing him closer to him if that was even possible. He kissed Hibari’s forehead and buried his nose on his hair.

He closed his eyes tightly, Hibari’s scent invading his senses, his arms around him, proof that he was really there. He knew very well a storm was coming, but before the sky let the clouds come out and play he would enjoy this moment as much as the person he was holding allowed him to.

8th-Mar-2011 02:59 pm - Lelouch&Shirley | Code Geass

Fanart by owaranai kiss:
Watching Code Geass and getting obsessed with this couple. A promise to love the guy when she's reborn...? I'm sold!

Loss makes you realize a lot of things, doesn't it? How much you loved her smile...
Lelouche Lamperouge/ Vi Brittania

7th-Mar-2011 01:47 pm - I'm a creep... | Skins fanvid
Fandom: Skins
Song: Creep (Radiohead cover) by Scanla and Kolacny Brothers
Editors: http://www.youtube.com/user/kathy20121

24th-Feb-2011 02:50 pm - [fic] Everlasting || Chapter 2

Fandom: Bleach

Pairing: Inoue Orihime and Kurosaki Ichigo.

Timeline: For this chapter, around a century after the events of the first chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. The GREAT Kubo-sensei does (This girl's still happy for chapter 438)

Author's Note: I think it's practically impossible to think there hadn't been conflicts between HM and SS, so here's some conflict. Also, though it's been an awful long time I still can't get over the fact of the fiasco of the cero espada so here's my take on the previous one. Barragan seems like someone who ruled HM for a looong time and Unohana is said to be the only shinigami to have been in the Gotei 13 since the beginning so that's my reason for them to be here. Thanks so much to everyone who reads, you have no idea how much I enjoy writing this =)

In the second, shall never hold the same form

War was tiring, he had decided one day. The king was still dwelling on the shinigami invasion that had taken place centuries ago. It was time to move on. It was time to understand that if they didn't attack, there was no reason to be attacked. It wasn't for any pacifist ideal that he had changed his mind about the war, but it was really tiring and no fun to have to watch your back since the shinigami had bribed some arrancar into becoming their spies, those bastards! They were really causing him a headache.

"If we don't attack, we won't be attacked! Are you serious?" The cero espada shrugged. He thought it was perfectly logic, but logic had never worked with Barragan. He knew that pretty well since he had been told the story of the almost kidnapped princess of Soul Society.

"How much time was Hueco Mundo a peaceful place before you decided to make a declaration of war against Soul Society?"

"It was about time. Why can they kill hollows whenever they please and we can't do the same with them?" asked the spiky haired espada sitting next to him, His eyes were as black as the darkest night, but that didn't intimidate the most powerful espada. If it wasn't for Barragan, he'd be King, his instinct inside him told him he could be King, but he was just fine the way he was for now. If it wasn't for the stupid war.

"No, we won't fall back. We will crush every ant that comes in our way. We will destroy Soul Society from its foundations" the orange haired espada wanted to go back to bed

"Aaroniero, report" Barragan commanded

"Yes" a deep voice replied. "The traitors said Sereitei's protection is the same as last time. So, with any of the prisoner shinigami, we could open a senkaimon and… the cero espada can lend us his power" he said while said espada was yawning "to stop the cleaner and allow us to enter Soul Society. They tell me there are two captains per gate so if we sent our top three espada, it would be a fair fight. And we wouldn't have to go through the protection field surrounding Sereitei"


"Look, I don't appreciate you defying me like that, but I know you'd never do anything against Hueco Mundo or Las Noches. So, to show you I'm not discontent, I'm going to give you a new pet"

"You mean to say, you want me to guard someone"

"She's the most precious prison war we've had so far: A captain level prisoner."

"Who is she?" He asked, not exactly amused

"Lieutenant of the Fourth Division…"

There went a lot of his sleeping time. From the moment he heard they had a captain level prisoner, he knew the responsibility to make sure nothing happened to the precious trophy was going to fall on his shoulders. He held her zanpakuto in his hands. The handle wasn't very thick and the blade was short, but it sure felt powerful. This girl must have a hell of a soul

It had been… hell, he had never been able to tell time in this place. But it had been quite some time that he had been watching her. Her waist length, auburn hair swaying with the little wind that came from the small window, the only thing that moved. He knew she was a captain level shinigami, but for her to be unaffected by his presence was very interesting to the arrancar.

"Your zapankuto" He said, regarding the sword on his hands "What's its name?"

"Shun-Shun Rikka"

"You know, it's weird. I've heard shinigamis have a lot of pride. But you… you just do what you're told, eat your every meal… It's strange" he said after a month, trying to make her to talk. Not to get any info on Sereitei, just to get her to talk. There was this need inside him to find his way through her.

"I have my reasons" she replied coldly.

"Why do you that?" she asked a day after

"What?" he asked teasingly. He knew well what she meant

"Staring like that. It's no good. Not to me. Especially not to you"

"There must be a reason a skilled shinigami like you got caught"

"There must be a reason you come here every day"

"I'm bored"

"So was I"

She was standing in front of the window, like she had been the first time he met her. He was sitting at her right, her zanpakuto on his hands. It felt good to have a part of her soul so close, for some annoying reason, it sure felt good.

"You should stop bringing it here. I might overpower you and take it from you" he chuckled

"I'm the espada cero. You're from the healing division. There's no way you could overpower me"

Espada cero? He's the first one I have to…

She was sitting on the couch, him, across the room, zanpakuto still on his hands. He felt the sword held a lot of secrets. Every time he looked at it, he found something new.

"You sure are doing a lot of staring today" he commented. His eyes not leaving the sword.

"What's so interesting about it, anyway?" she asked. After all this time, she wasn't able to find a word more fitting than fascination to the way he looked at the sword.

"It's a part of your soul. That's enough for me."

"You should stop coming in here" she said after putting a lot of thought into it. There was something telling her she wasn't going to be able to bring herself to kill this man

"I'm sorry, hime. That's just not for you to decide" there was no malice in his voice when he said that, but she found herself staring at him. He noticed "look," he said, standing up "I know it must suck to be kidnapped, but I have no saying on your current situation. If it were for me…" silence filled the room. "I'm bored of this stupid war" He lowered his head, while she gazed at him.

"What's the name of your resurrección?" She asked. He proceeded to sit down on the floor, in front of her.

"Luna" he replied. She smiled.

"I've always wanted to catch the moon"

His head was resting on her lap. Her delicate fingers were going through his messy hair and it felt right. Of all the things in the world, that felt right.

"I have a mission" she said making the orange haired espada get out of his slumber 'to end the war, and it's not good to your side' her voice trembling, her eyes, teary. He saw it coming, so he just stared at those gray eyes, where the world had begun and ended in the last months.

"You have to kill the espada, don't you?" she wept a bit more, one tear reaching his face and it was then when he decided that he didn't want to see that scene repeated. Ever.

"And the king" she said between sobs. He was right. She had one hell of a soul and she was a skilled shinigami

"You could've taken your zanpakuto whenever you wanted, couldn't you?" she sobbed louder

It had been a massacre. Five espada and any arrancar who had wanted to oppose them had been killed. If everyone in the healing squad had those kinds of powers, then they really had underestimated the Gotei 13.

"I thought the King would've come at us by now" she said while going through Las Noches warily.

"No" dismissed the cero espada. "He'll be waiting for us at the throne"

"There's one espada left" she said when they reached the throne room.

"Aaroniero, that scum. He's nothing to worry about, though. He's not very loyal either, so he won't come to Barragan's rescue. It's his hollows, against us" she nodded shakily and he regarded her "what is it? You've massacred the arrancar, what are you afraid of?" he asked with a smile.

"What happens next?" she asked avoiding his eyes "you're an arrancar, I'm a shinigami. There's no way we could ever… hold the same form" he dropped his smile. He understood, but there was something she was missing, she didn't know Barragan's powers, he did and there was no way he was going to let her fight him.

"I know" he said, reaching her face, his thumb following her jaw line. "Let's make a promise to meet each other, the next life. How about that?" she nodded while tears went down her cheeks. He kissed her, and that was the thing he put the most passion into in his entire life. Power, he would've given up power, kingdoms, everything to spend at least one lifetime with this girl "I want you to know that no matter what: I will protect you…"

"Reject, Shun Shun Rikka!" One more time, it had to work. Only his left arm was gone, he could be saved "Reject, Shun Shun Rikka… Reject! Reject! Re…" she felt over his chest, crying her heart out. Four of the five captains sent to help overthrow to King, who had fled, were watching the scene confused. The fifth, the girl's division captain, understood very well her inconsolable crying. Unohana approached her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

I'll find you again, it's a promise

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