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Scattered paper in the wind
You'll fall for anything if you don't stand up for something
KHR 340 | Bleach 451 | Naruto 542 
9th-Jun-2011 05:32 pm

I've had some very busy days lately. The semester's about to finish (though in theory, we're still missing half of the evaluations) I'm doing well in mostly anything. I had a bad episode with a French oral exam (I got a 6/10, I wanted to die...) but Madame told us it's not that bad given that the percentage of that evaluation was not that high. However, the next oral exam is worth 20% of my final grade, so I have to study a lot. The written exams... I'm doing well at those, thank God.

So, I post here, 'cause I finally have some time. I just finished reading the book for my French class, it's called Le Nombril du Monde (The navel of the world) by Jean-Marie Poupart. At the beginning, I thought it was a bit weird, 'cause there were just letters from a 15 year old kid to his godmother. His father tells him (and other people too) that he thinks he's the navel of the world, meaning he has some ego. It was really interesting 'cause the whole book is from his point of view, and it's amazing (at least for me) to read a view of the world from someone so different to everyone else. But in a nutshell, it's about his rocky relationship with his father (his mom died giving birth to him), the ending is splendid and there are some really good quotes, the one I loved the most was this:

"On estime que le plaisir de se montrer civilisé est plus excitant que le plaisir d'assassiner"

One thinks the pleasure of being civilized it's greater than the pleasure of killing...

Well, well, onto this week's chapters:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 340 | Enma's Decision

Self-sacrifice, why is self-sacrifice always the best option?

Reborn's translators have been faster this last couple of weeks (even faster than Bleach's) THANKS! My excitement was such that I didn't even read the title (If I had, maybe I would've seen this coming)

Enma and Tsuna were in a pinch and I was honestly expecting Byakuran at the end of this chapter (I mean, Daemon's so strong and Mukuro can't really fight right now, Hibari's elsewhere... I wouldn't expect Varia either, I don't know why, so the only character strong enough to defeat him, in my opinion, is Byakuran. Besides, I've missed my bishie like crazy!), I expect they find a way around this, 'cause I will deem it unfair if Enma dies, when no one else dies in this manga (yes, NO ONE, not even people who get eaten by sharks. Not that I complain.)  Besides, Tsuna will go crazy and fall into an endless depression and we don't want that, do we?

So, what's Daemon's purpose in life? To take the Cozarts of the world from the Giottos of the world? Though, I have to admit, this time, it was a bit indirectly. I expect some angst for next chapter with Tsuna telling Enma he's not going to do it, and Enma telling him, he has to! (I can imagine Tsuna going all: I won't lose you again. Come on, Amano-sensei, you can do it. After all, you're the best! xD)

Bleach 451 | Welcome to our EXECUTION 4

Ginjou said exactly what I've been thinking ever since this whole ordeal began:

To me, the thing with Ichigo is that Kubo has made him this guy who wants to protect everyone at all costs, but in trying to do so, he doesn't stop to think logically for a moment. I actually don't care much about Ginjou. After all, it's not out of generosity that he "put his life on the line" like he said to control Ichigo's outburst once his fullbring was complete, it's because he needs, according to him (I think it's necessary to make the remark), to get rid of their powers.

But my God, Ginjou has learned fast that he has to threaten the people Ichigo loves for him to give his 100%

If I had to choose between Tsukishima and Ginjou for this arc's villain, my vote is on Tsuki, I find him way more interesting...

I'm glad Ichigo got some developpement (which probably means his training is done, thank God!) and is now able to sense reiatsu. I expect also to see a certan white demon soon...

Speaking of ships, the Ichihimeness in these chapters has been awesome, and Orihime has been more than cute. (Im still fangirling, sorry)

Cute colorspread. It's curious how Kubo always makes Orihime's supposed rivals to fall for her (in the sense that they don't dislike her like some people would expect them to. No, I don't mean they fall for her in that way xD)

Naruto 542 | The Secret Story of The Strongest Tag-Team

I was a bit unsure about this chapter when I read the spoilers. To be honest, I'm not big on the Raikage (even less after what he said about Minato last chapter. He doesn't know the first thing about Minato), I like Bee, but I'd rather see the story moving along. However, it turned out to be quite nice, didn't it? Good build-up for their showdown, and Minato, dear Minato...

I loved how you see what it's like to be a jinchuuriki and the idea of filling the void they feel. I loved Minato's words as well. He would know, right?


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